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Tips for EV Charging at Home!

Electric vehicles have become very common. Although EV chargers are accessible at many places it is best to have one in your home. Charging your vehicle may seem quite simple, but there are a few tips that can make your battery last longer.

First, which might sound crazy but don’t charge your vehicle to 100% every night. The reason for this is that repeated charging cycles have the potential to harm your battery over time. It is best to charge it to 20- 80% of the battery life depending on the amount of driving needed for the following day.

Second, the best time of day to charge your vehicle is from 11pm to 7am; this is when the energy demand is at its lowest due to the majority of the population being resting or asleep. Energy demand is considerably higher in the 7am to 2pm windows because of people charging before work, working in general, and being more active.

Having a charger in your home when there are free options sometimes doesn’t make sense. However, free options generally have time based restrictions, lots of other people in queue, and sometimes monetary charges over time. Having a charger in house guarantees constant accessibility, no fees, and no restrictions. Though you will have to spend money on the installation, it will be worth its weight in gold over time.

ATX Electrical is happy to assist with any installations, if you are interested or have any questions please reach out!

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