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Keep Your Kiddos Safe!

As parents your main priority is to keep your children safe. An important aspect of this is making your home safe. We have all heard of baby proofing homes and keeping things out of reach. But what happens when they become older and those methods no longer work? Teaching and informing is the next best defense. 

The best age to begin to talk to your children is as soon as they become more mobile and curious aka the toddler stage. Though they won’t understand your reasoning it is important to put the idea of danger in their minds as correlated to electricity.

Begin by doing as much as possible physically to prevent the ability of your child to access things like sockets, plugs, etc.

There are many resources to help kids understand the dangers of electricity, and let’s speak frankly; they may be more inclined to be receptive to a cartoon than a lecture at young ages. 

A simple google search of ‘electrical education for kids’  can help you find interactive videos, downloadable activity sheets, and more!

Additionally, reminders by parents never hurt either. The combination of these methods can help ensure your child's understanding of electrical safety and give everyone in the home ease of mind, especially with summer around the corner!

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